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    Planning a special event?

    Are you planning a special event such as a sales meeting, charity fundraiser, awards dinner, shower luncheon, fashion show, tradeshow, career fair, holiday party, or other function involving meeting or banquet function space? Our meeting space portal will enable you to connect with over 50,000 hotels and venues to find the ideal location for your special event and budget. Simply fill in the short form with your needs and the venues will respond in kind with offers as to how your event would be conducted and successful at their location. Advanced filters are helpful and enable you to sort by price or star rating. The "Hotel Map" feature displays hotel, space, and rates laid out on a map.

    Meeting Space Rentals

    Meeting room rental, or function space rental, is a charge applied for use of the space over a period of time. Some venues may decrease or even waive this rental depending upon amount of food and beverage spend, audiovisual services needed, or guestroom purchase guarantees. Your "set-up" and "tear-down" times (the amount of hours you need before and after your event to set and disassemble your space) can also affect charges on function space. If your event is more than one day, needing your room to stay set, or "24-hour hold" (not enabling your venue to sell that space to another event while yours is not active) is another factor that can affect meeting room rental charges.

    Taxes and fees

    Meeting room rental, food and beverage, audiovisual, and guestrooms all have taxes and fees that oftentimes apply. Meeting space rental is usually taxable and service charges oftentimes apply as they relate to employees setting the room in the specified arrangement. In a banquet event, menu pricing is generally referred to as "plus plus"; meaning the price is x amount per person, plus tax, plus service. The service charge on food and beverage is to pay for the individuals who will be serving your guests. Audiovisual charges are taxable and also have service fees that arise from audiovisual technicians setting and overseeing this component of your event (should you have audiovisual needs). If you are bringing your own audiovisual equipment, there may be a connection fee (this can sometimes be negotiated depending upon the venue). If planning a tradeshow, there can be charges for booths, especially when using table-top booths, as the venue will be providing tables and linens. Guestrooms are taxable and are sometimes subject to tourism assessments and other fees. There can be additional costs for added services ranging from Internet access to fitness center access. Some hotel venues may institute a "resort fee" which is a fee charged atop every guestroom purchased, whether the services offered under this fee are utilized or not. This may or may not be something that can be negotiated. Be sure to also be aware of any prices for parking, if self and valet is offered, or only one, and whether any discounts will apply for your group or event.

    The above description of costs, taxes, charges and fees are a rough summary of some of the primary items encountered by event planners, but is in no way an exhaustive list. Some of the charges may not apply to your event depending upon your activities and location and there may be other charges that are not listed here. Every hotel and venue is different and pricing is unique to each location and event. Remember to ask each venue for their total price and have your contact outline all taxes, fees, and service charges so there are no surprises. This will also help you compare offers. Some venues may have quite a few "value adds" (such as free Internet, no exhibit fees, etc.) that could mean a substantial savings, or may be things that you won't affect your event or bottom line. The best way to make an informed decision is transparency of event costs; and the best way to achieve that is to ask your contact at each venue to disclose everything upfront.

    Direct contact with the catering manager

    To start a dialogue about your event, check your account for incoming responses to your request. After receiving offers from hotels and venues, you will be able to select those that interest you and continue correspondence relating to your event. You will oftentimes be working with a Catering or Event Manager. This contact will help guide you through your event and the event specifics as they apply to their venue. Once a venue is selected, this is the person who will be your point of contact through the contracting and planning phase. This person will oftentimes also be present the day of your special event; at which time you will also be in contact with the "Banquet Manager" who is in charge of the service staff that will execute day-of logistics.

    We hope your event is a big hit!

    Creating a memorable event in a service friendly environment is key. We value all of our client's events and want you to have an exceptional experience. If you need assistance during any phase of your planning process, or have feedback to offer about a hotel, venue or our service please contact us. We look forward to making your event a success.

    Finding the Right Meeting Space

    With all kinds of meeting room rentals, our meeting space portal will help you arrange and pick a layout that fits your occasion. Room layouts include: Boardroom- ideal for formal, business meetings, Classroom- providing a comfortable education environment, Theater – best suited for professional presentations, Hollow square- great for large committee meetings, and U-Shape- encourages open group discussion as well as convention and banquet space. Whether you need a flexible or efficient room set-up, we can help you find a good working meeting space. Layout, square room footage and other meeting space capabilities based upon venue availability.

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