Free Consultations Offered

Event Technology Consultant Team

We are witnessing an exciting time in cloud based, mobile and onsite event technology that is fundamentally changing the way event attendees research, purchase, learn, network, and share experiences plus how events are operated onsite.

Currently 50% of attendees are purchasing their event tickets and registering online. Close to 90% of attendees visit the event’s website multiple times before making a purchase to attend then continue to visit the event website for more information and for updates.

Looking ahead event attendees and sponsors purchasing online are forecasted to increase by 4% per year, which means 75% of your attendees will be buying online from you by 2020. In order to keep your event attendance at the highest levels possible and deliver an amazing on site experience, it is becoming vital that your company keeps up with the latest in event technology that delivers real value at an affordable cost. offers a highly trained and experienced team of Event Technology Consultants (ETC) that will make sure your event is always using the most effective technology from start to finish, so attendance and attendee/sponsor satisfaction will continue to grow above your competitors.

Our Event Technology Consultants not only have access to proprietary mobile and cloud based event technology, they actively engage with and research the latest software and company offerings available in the industry. Our Consultants will work you/your team plus include the engineering team to implement the most effective event technology for your conference, convention, meeting, concert, or sporting event. Our consultants will always keep in mind ways to reduce costs while increasing your event attendee’s satisfaction!

We are pleased to offer a free consultation on your current event’s technology to assess strengths and weaknesses plus determine your goals for future events.

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