Andrea Puizina Corporate & Events Project Manager
Based in New York, NY 10016 Phone: 1-800-863-3815 x922 Bio Get in Touch RFP Request
Professional Bio Vibrant and creative Event Planner with a Masters in Mass Communication and full proficiency in Croatian, Italian, English and Spanish. Living and working in Croatia, Italy, Uganda, Dominican Republic before moving to the US provided me with a comprehensive background in the hospitality and travel industry, public relations, business management, sales and marketing strategies. I coordinate worldwide events such as meetings, conferences, congresses; ensuring that all activities are in compliance with the Sunshine Act or similar acts that govern ethical conduct between corporate sponsors of events and guests; providing guidance with reference to the foregoing pertaining to country-specific rules and regulations; I represent the company to customers, the public, government and other external sources; viewing and assessing contracts executed between hotel chains and other vendors to ensure that events organized honor those contractual commitments; coordinating the activities, duties and responsibilities of current accounts and prospective accounts in the U.S. market; contributing to sales and marketing efforts to build the ongoing relationship between AIM Group and current clients and facilitating new business opportunities with prospective clients.





Languages Spoken

English, Spanish, Italian, Croatian


How can I assist you?

I would love the chance to assist you with an event or anything else you'd like to contact me about. Please call me or contact me below at any time!

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